What Happened at MFuge?


MFuge group, June 2015 MFuge group, June 2015

Our June youth mission trip MFUGE was wonderful! We attended a camp at Houston Baptist University in Houston, Texas from June 22-26. We had 14 total attend this year’s mission trip. This number consisted of eleven youth—Grace Davidson, Louis Dewenter, Haydee Leigh Hallberg, Miles Hallberg, Kyle Herbert, Emily Hingle, Nathan Hingle, Katie Lallier, Ian Marx, Jude Meche, and Rhone Meche—and three counselors– myself and Elena and Patricia Hallberg. Here’s what a day-by-day accounting of our trip looks like.
Monday, June 22: We meet at the church at 7:30 PM, but leave later than our expected time of departure. We have to take a longer route to Houston due to road work on I-10 west of Baton Rouge, so we take U.S. Hwy. 90 to Lafayette, and eventually arrive at Houston Baptist University (HBU)—tired, but grateful for the supper waiting for us when we get there. We have an evening worship service and break up into our “Track” work groups for the week.
Tuesday, June 23: Breakfast is from 7:00-7:40 AM, and then we have quiet times and morning worship at 8:15. We then have small group meetings, and leave for our work sites at about 10:30. I am in a Track work group with Emily, Ian, and Rhone. We leave for a “service” site at an assisted living facility; Elena is on a “games and recreation” site with Kyle, Louis, and Nathan, and Miles; and Patricia is with Grace, Haydee Leigh, Jude, and Katie on a “service” site working with the mentally handicapped. We have a good day, even though there are the unexpected hitches, like the assisted living facility I visited did not expect us today. My Track group, though, gets assigned a work detail on HBU’s blue sand volleyball court. At free time, beginning at 3:15, six of our guys enter the MFuge Volleyball Tournament, and win the championship! The only unfortunate thing about the guys’ volleyball team is they chose the name “Cleveland Browns”. We have supper, then evening worship and church small group. At the latter we discuss the evening message—based in part on 2 Corinthians 5:17 where Paul says when we come to follow Christ we are new creatures, with the old ways and habits passing away for new things God is doing in our lives. We also go around the room in our church small group and have each person share what God has taught him or her that day.
Wednesday, June 24: Today I worked with Grace, Haydee Leigh, Jude, and Katie at a clothing and food pantry for the homeless. We were put to work with such things as cleaning chairs, re-stocking shelves with used shoes, and working in their mini-grocery store. Others in our youth group worked at a home for the mentally disabled, and by God’s grace they brought His love into the hearts of those often neglected by society. Rhone reached out to a non-communicative resident who was a loner and taught him throw a football; Ian and Emily lead someone to Christ. Kyle, Louis, and Nathan befriended boys at a recreational center and played games with them. Miles shared with our church group how much he enjoyed the worship tonight and the message—which was about the importance of using the words of our mouths for the Lord’s glory (Matthew 12:33-37). We are all tired at the end of the day and ready for bed!
Thursday, June 25: Our day started as usual, and we left for our Track group assignments. My group is nicknamed “Wranglers”, and part of our clever motto (which Rhone put together) is that “Winning is in our genes”—get it? Today we went first to the Eternal Food Ministry, which is led by a Nigerian named John, and we helped with cleaning, moving boxed-up wood flooring, and painting signs with stencils. Then we hopped in our vehicles and ate lunch for the 30 mile drive to a center for the mentally handicapped. It was my first time there and it was neat to see the youth reach out to the residents there—through conversations, playing board games, and singing them songs. When we returned to campus the youth participated in the Fuge relay games, ate supper, and worshipped. At 10:45 PM six of our youth guys played the MFuge staff in a championship volleyball game on the blue sand court, best out of three. They lost the first game, 21-17, then won the second game 22-20—and the third game, 15-11, for the championship! A great way to end Fuge camp!
Friday and Saturday, June 26-27: We wake early to pack our vehicles, and after small group time we leave for Patricia and Guy Hallberg’s home in south Houston (Clear Lake). There we enjoy relaxing, swimming, and eating delicious grilled hamburgers! Thank you Patricia and Guy! We have a relaxing trip home on Saturday, and celebrate the end of the trip with a stop at Dairy Queen in Rayne!
Thank you for your prayers and support. And we thank the Lord for the opportunity to serve in His name!
Yours in Christ,